History of Slots machines

In 1889 a young San Francisco mechanic named Charles Fey invented the modern slot machine. The early one-armed bandits had hearts, spades and diamonds on the wheels instead of cherries and fruit we see today. This first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell and the big payoff, when three bells lined up, was ten nickels. Thousands of slot machines were built by Fey and distributed throughout the country.

Fey would split the profits fifty-fifty with the owners of the bars, clubs and casinos where he installed them because he refused to sell the rights to his unique machine. However, since gambling devices could not be patented, many imitations appeared after Hubert Miles of Illinois started making similar machine in 1907. You can still see Fey’s original slot machine in Reno at the Liberty Bell restaurant on South Virginia Street.

Free Casino Slots Pulls

One way to get a free pull on the slot machine is to look for abandoned slots with credits still registered on them. Insiders call this “silver mining.” Players will sometimes forget to cash out before they leave a machine. Look around next time you are in the slot area and be alert to the credit window on the front of the machines. There just might be a winning machine waiting for you to give it a free pull.
history of slot machines
Playing some of the bonus slots available at Microgaming casinos, and Cryptologic online casinos like InterCasino you can win free bonus spins and much more.

If you’re looking to get free pulls on slots I suggest trying online as you have more opportunity then you would if you were playing at a conventional land based casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

For a list of quality online casinos you can try playing at read though our online casino reviews for more information and great reviews on trusted, secure and reputable online casino gambling sites.

Locating the Casinos Winning Slot Machine

Who knows which machines machines are winners and which are though on the player? The change person knows. He/she pays out winners and gives change to losers all day long. So when you are getting change to play the machine yourself, give the change person a $1 tip for helping you, and then ask if he/she can help you further by selecting a “good” machine to play. Remember to top again if you hit a good jackpot after following his/her suggestions.

Bigger Payout Rate On Higher Denomination Slot Machines

We have all heard that dollar slots payout out better than the nickel ones. The reason behind this idea that higher denomination slots pay out more than the small coin ones is really very simple. Nickel slot machines require the same amount of floor space, maintenance and change people to service them as dollar machines do. However, higher denomination machines have a bigger profit margin for the house because the over-head costs are the same for all the machines regardless of the denominations. Therefore the house can afford to pay out at a higher rate for the larger denomination slot machines.

Casino Slot Tournaments

Many casino slot tournaments offer big money as prizes. To begin with, slots tournaments normally include rooms, meals and the entry fee as all one package. This can make it very affordable. Sometimes the fee can be very low, $50 or less. Some are even free. Remember, you are playing against other players, therefore speed becomes very important. You have to tap the spin button repeatedly to get as many spins as possible. These are fun and exciting events. Ask about tournaments on your next casino visit.

Three, Four and Five Reel Casino Slot Machines

Not all slot machines are created equal. Three-reel slots machines have about 8,000 possible combinations. Four reels have 160,000 different combinations; stay completely away from the five real machine! You also won’t find “hot” machines way in the back of the casino. They will always be near the front door, at busy aisles and near the hotel check-in des, places where people can see and hear them. If you find a winning slot machine don’t play the one on either side of it. Sometimes the casino will put tight machines on each side of the”loose” one just to balance things out!